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Thanks for consulting our mining projects regional database!

The idea behind this database is to collect and broadly disseminate information about live mining projects in the region. CEDHA is permanently seeking out and compiling information about mining projects from diverse sources.

There are hundreds of projects that are today in exploration or actively extracting minerals. We’ve already located more than 500 of them ranging from Mexico to Chile/Argentina.

Everyone can contribute to this database providing information, or partnering with CEDHA to keep the database up to date with projects in your country or region.

You can:

  • freely consult the database
  • add information to the database
  • help correct errors or out of date information
  • help map mining projects on Google Earth or Google Maps

The database has two platforms:

1) an EXCEL version which contains the central information that we are collecting about projects. You can download the complete database and consult the spredsheet that corresponds to your country of interest. The online version is a PILOT version of the database with partial information on each project and will be updated periodically.

2) a map of mining projects in the region vieweble online which contains many of the projects in our central database. Not all of the projects are plotted on the map. We’re workign on that! It’s a task in constant evolution.

To add projects, correct or add information to projects, edit, or provide any information useful for the database, please send your communication to:

The fields that we are looking for for the database include: 

Name of the project
Country of origin of the project
Country where the project is located
Province or region where the project is located
Mineral sought
Amount of the investment
State of the project (exploration, study, preparation, extraction, etc.)
GPS Coordinates of the exact project location as vieable through Google Earth
Stock Market Symbol of the Company
Links to information about the project
Nearby/affected communities
Nearby/affected natural resources
Description of the Project
Any other pertinent information about the project

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