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Andrés Aranda received his degree as a  Environmental Chemical Engineer from the University of Wismar in Germany. He has specialized in technical cooperation projects to reduce emissions causing contamination to the atmosphere. He has contributed to the creation of projects in renewable energies, sustainable transport and climate change mitigation in Mexico and Latin America, and on accessing public and private sector finance from the Green Climate Fund. He has collaborated with multilateral agencies such as GTZ, Swisscontact and the CAF, and as a consultant on climate change mitigation. During the last several years, he worked for the Government of the State of Jalisco, Mexico, as Director of Clean Air where he promoted the creation of the first environmental norms for the State on the location and operation of artesanal brick kilns, promoting clean technologies, capacity building and the creation of an arsenal brick kiln industrial park. Andres contributes to CHRE to strengthen initiative promoting the transition to clean brick production in Mexico, seeking consensus building throughout the sector and improving air quality in Mexico’s principal cities.