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Lucia graduated from Goldsmiths University in London (United Kingdom) with a degree  in Education, Culture and Society. Always very interested in social inclusion, Lucia has worked as a social, linguistic and cultural educator in places such as Turkana (Kenia), Kolkata (India), Yucatán (México), London (United Kingdom), Fuzhou (China) and Madrid (Spain). She is a passionate sociologist and educator in different cultures with an integral approach on inter-culturality, cultural respect and development. Her degree dissertation and master thesis (Master on Bilingual Education) focused on sustainable transformation on the basis that all changes in society need to be well planned and  consider all stakeholders towards a positive and realistic transformation, taking into account cultural as well as social diversity. Now she is now engaged with CHRE on the  empowerment and inclusion of the brick sector in Paraguay by promoting the national product and aiding in the smooth change of the sector in relationship to formalization, visibility and modernization.