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About Ifis

The approach of International Financial Institutions (IFIs) intended to promote transparency and public participation, improve access to information, facilitate public access to justice, ensure human rights and the protection of the environment through the development of operating policies and in the decision-making process of IFI loans, in both the actual implementation process and development at a regional level.

Project Goals Transparency and Access to Information in IFIs: We work to promote transparent legal guidelines within IFIs with the belief that ensuring full access to information will allow for an open decision-making process regarding development.

Access to Justice in IFIs: We seek to strengthen and empower the monitoring and accountability mechanisms within IFIs, as a symbol of access to justice in a broad sense.

Environmental Sustainability and Operating Policies in IFIs: We seek to ensure an approach of sustainable development within IFIs, ensuring that development projects do not endanger natural resources or compromise the needs of future generations.

Regional Integration and Development Processes: We monitor and promote guidelines that effectively create transparency, public participation and sustainable development in both the actual implementation process and development at a regional level.

  • New Access to Information Policy
  • Revision of Environmental and Social Safeguards
  • Revision of Energy Strategies
  • FCPF and REDD
  • Inspection Panel
  • New Financial Instruments

  • New Access to Information Policy
  • MICI
  • ConSOC Argentina
  • GCI-9
  • Environmental and Social Safeguards
  • Climate Change Strategy

  • Insertion of IIRSA into the UNASUR guidelines
  • IIRSA and Argentina

  • Revision of the IFC Performance Standards
  • CAO
  • Revision of the Equator Principles

  • UNASUR Energy Treaty
  • CAF
  • BEI
  • Río+20 and IFIs