CHRE’s Africa Program works to advance Africa-focused climate and environmental research and advocacy geared to remove barriers to the adoption by African nations, effective climate policy that helps African nations embark on pathways towards rapid reductions in key GHG emissions, that help strengthen climate policy in the region, that more effectively and more rapidly tackle climate change in the African continent, while promoting environmental sustainability and climate equity that also helps reduce
warming trends in the region and globally in the near term.

CHRE works includes action to:

  • Promote effective African fast climate mitigation strategy, that includes identifying actions that can rapidly phase out short-lived climate pollutants such as methane, black carbon, HFCs and tropospheric ozone, while promoting effective environmental justice and climate equity in the Africa region.
  • Research and identify key sources of GHG emissions in the continent, particularly, but not limited to, emissions of short-lived climate pollutants such as methane, black carbon, HFCs, etc. and particularly, but not limited to, the oil and gas, waste and agriculture sectors.
  • Identify strategies, technologies and best practices, to promote Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) strategies and emissions reduction opportunities in these sectors.
  • Identify and promote replicable and scalable and replicable projects to reduce GHG emissions in the sectors mentioned.
  • Identify ways in which fast climate mitigation strategies in the Africa region can help foster improvements for greater environmental justice and climate equity in the African continent.
  • Identify, promote and facilitate key government, multilateral, and key corporate and civil society actors with a view to engage and network these actors through actions to promote fast climate mitigation strategies that quickly reduce GHGs, curb global warming and promote climate equity in the Africa region.
  • Support opportunities for public interest litigation to promote and protect the rights of victims of oil and gas exploitation and in general victims of climate change impacts.
  • Facilitate the networking and coalition building among civil society to sustain gains of interventions.

For more information on CHRE’s Africa Program contact:
Olanrewaju Suraj (Lanre) at: [email protected]