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Your donation, small or large, can go a long way to help us carry out our advocacy work! Your help can be in the form of a cash contribution to help finance one of our programs, campaigns, advocacy engagements, or ongoing overhead costs like office supplies, communications, or utilities, or by offering your professional expertise, or even your time as a volunteer (click here for more information about CHRE internships/volunteers program).

Types of donations:

1. In cash, to help finance our activities.
2. In kind, helping us prepare our tax returns, fundraising, or website development.
3. Program assistance, researching, writing, report preparation, translation, campaigning, or other help.

Cash Donations
As we are an IRS-approved 501 (c) 3, non-profit organization, cash donations to the CHRE are tax deductible!

What would we use your cash donation for?

New and upcoming projects this year:
1. Advisory assistance to Latin American governments to address brick kiln contamination.
2. Mapping and Report on Rock Glacier and Water Runoff relevance of Glaciers in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains.
3. Middle School Course on Glaciers and Periglacial Environments (for Sixth Graders!)

How much can you donate and what’s it good for? The first and most immediate answer is that ANY size donation is appreciated and will go to help cover our local, national and international advocacy expenses. Here are some examples of how we spend our income and where your donation could be of great help. CHRE’s total yearly budget ranges on average from US$150,000 to 250,000 yearly to cover all of our advocacy activity.

(in US$)

50           Cost of office supplies for one month of work
500        Cost of monthly utility expenses for advocacy work
1,000     Cost of a trip to visit a fracking site to learn how the oil and gas industry conducts fracking
2,000    Cost of translating a legal report by CHRE
3,500     Cost of local trip to meet with communities or a company to address local social/environmental impacts
5,000     Cost of one report on mining impacts to glaciers (see one)
30,000  Cost of a workshop in Latin America for other advocates to learn about clean brick production policies
50,000  Low end cost of maintaining a full CHRE program for one year (glaciers, mining, climate change, etc.)

Remember, your cash donations are tax deductible!

Donations in Kind

Another way to help our advocacy work is through in-kind donations. If you are a professional that can donate your services to the CHRE, you can also help protect the environment and help address environmental contamination of individuals and communities  that greatly need help!

If you are a practicing attorney that can give legal assistance or advice in cases, or a CPA that can help us prepare our tax returns, and certify their integrity. Or if you are a geologist, a hydrologist, or oil and gas expert (these are just some of the expertise we need on a regular basis) that can help us to substantiate and review our research and reports, or if you are a website developer that can help us maintain, update and improve our website, these are great ways that you can help the CHRE and the causes and advocacy lines that we are engaged on!

Also, we are in great need of fundraising assistance, so if that is your expertise or if you feel you can help us in this category, we are always eager to receive assistance in our fundraising efforts.

Your donation can be anonymous or you can be listed as a donor in our annual reports. You can also specify the issues that you would prefer to direct your donations for (example, to contain fracking, or protect glaciers, or fight for the right to water).

Donation checks should be made out to: “The Center for Human Rights and Environment” and sent to our Florida office legal address at: 1055 Vintner Blvd, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410. We respond to your donation with a reception and thank you letter that you can  use as tax-deductible proof of your donation. We are also glad to provide you with a report of how we intend to use or have used your donation.

If you’d like more information about donating to CHRE’s work, please contact: [email protected]

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