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Created in 1999, originally in Argentina, and relocated to the United States in 2015, the Center for Human Rights and Environment (CHRE) is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization aiming to build a more harmonious relationship between the environment and people. Our work centers on promoting greater access to justice and to guarantee human rights for victims of environmental degradation, or due to the non-sustainable management of natural resources, and to prevent future violations. To this end, CHRE fosters the creation of inclusive public policy that promotes inclusive socially and environmentally sustainable development, through community participation, public interest litigation, strengthening democratic institutions, and the capacity building of key actors.

The CHRE has been working to protect and defend people and communities affected by environmental degradation and promote more sustainable public policy dedicated to human rights and environmental protection, for nearly two decades. The year 2021 marks CHRE’s 21st year in operations.

CHRE’s advocacy programs include initiatives to help reverse climate change, contain and reduce the emission Short-Lived Climate Pollutants such as Black Carbon, HFCs and Methane, to Protect Glaciers and Permafrost environments for their value as natural water storage and basin regulators, to address the impacts of oil and gas, of mining operations, to reduce emissions from brick production, to promote corporate accountability on human rights and environmental issues.

Our work takes place locally, nationally and internationally, and has been recognized by our peers and by international organizations, including for example, by the Sierra Club who awarded CHRE with its most distinguished international advocacy prize, the Earth Care Award and the globally distinguished Sophie Prize given to Romina Picolotti, CHRE’s co-founder, for her and CHRE’s advocacy to  bring together the human rights and environmental advocacy fields.

note: Since 2016, CHRE’s Spanish namesake predecessor (CEDHA) became an independently run organization with its own independent board and executive team. This strictly Argentine non-profit organization is now referred to as “CEDHA Argentina”. CEDHA Argentina has no legal, administrative, financial, executive, economic or operational relationship to CHRE.