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About the Internships

CHRE Internships cover a variety of thematic topics, primarily in the fields of environmental and human rights. The program offers unique short and long-term opportunities for dynamic and self-motivated individuals to conduct research, fieldwork, training, and participate in other CHRE program-related activities. Internships will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis and will be intermittently posted on CHRE’s website as they become available. Internships may be at CHRE headquarters, with one of CHRE’s partners in Latin America , or conducted independently from an alternative location.


In 2012 CHRE went to a virtual setting, eliminating our permanent office in Córdoba and greatly reducing our carbon footprint. We now work entirely online and through ad hoc in-person meetings that are organized at partnering institutions such as local universities. Virtuality has not reduced our in-person contact, but rather made it more systematic and increased it! As an intern you are free to choose your place of residence, and while we greatly encourage you to come to Córdoba so that you can participate in our regular in person meetings, you can also engage with CHRE from a distance.


CHRE does not normally provide funding for internships, although on occasions, small grants may be available for specific internships. CHRE Interns are expected to secure funding from sponsoring institutions. CHRE will gladly provide Recommendation Letters for pre-selected candidates.

How to Apply

Interested parties are encouraged to send a preliminary letter of inquiry providing:

  • Curriculum Vitae (maximum 2 pages, including academic and professional experience).
  • Relevant academic and/or professional references.
  • Language skills (Spanish preferred but not mandatory).
  • A brief (one page) description of your areas of interests indicating what you hope to achieve from CHRE Internships.

Current Issue Priorities (this list is not exclusive)

Ongoing Internship Opportunities

– Brick Kilns / Research on Identifying Advances in Brick Kiln Emissions Reduction Policy
– Methane and other Oil/Gas Emissions Awareness Building and Advocacy
– Communications / Web Design
– Cryoactivism: General Glacier Protection / Glacier and Permafrost Advocacy
– Lanin Volcano Glaciers and Permafrost and Related Indigenous Cultural Heritage
– Valuing Rock Glaciers and Permafrost of California’s Sierra Nevada
– Your Own Topics of Interest; You must show relevance to CHRE’s work

Independent Reviews by Past Interns:

Megan Glaub
Wienke Zwier
Noushin Ketabi
Catherine Wilmarth
Michelle Sudano
Kate (blog)

Please send inquiries to:, Attention: CHRE INTERNSHIPS.