Glaciers of the Cryosphere
Questions for Class

1. Which of these apply to glaciers? (Check all that apply; hint: only one is not true!)

☐ a moving or deforming body of ice

☐ they are made of ice that lasts for more than two summers (perennial ice)

☐ they capture snow and grow in the winter and melt and shrink in the summer

☐ the largest glaciers are near the equator

☐ they are at risk because of climate change


2. Glaciers are important because: (check all that apply)

☐ they provide water during warm and dry seasons

☐ they store water for when our ecosystems need it most

☐ they produce oxygen through photosynthesis

☐ they help reduce global warming by reflecting solar rays

☐ they keep local environments cool because they are cold


3. Cryogenetic Powers include: (check the only one that DOES NOT apply)

☐ Frost Heave

☐ Solar radiation

☐ Frost Wedging

☐ Cryosuction


4. Frost Heave is a cryo-genetic power that expands frozen grounds and pushes rock to the surface

☐ True

☐ False


5. Ablation is another word for melt?

☐ True

☐ False


6. The Equilibrium Line of a Glacier is: (check two)

☐ the area between snow accumulation and ice melt on a glacier

☐ the terminus line of a glacier

☐ only a feature of a subsurface and invisible rock glacier

☐ is sometimes visible as the transition between white and grey surface color of a glacier


7. Seracs are: (check only one)

☐ blade-like cones of ice that resemble stalagmites

☐ large pieces of breaking glacier usually found at the terminus of a glacier

☐ tiny pieces of floating ice

☐ bits of ice that wedge between rocks and cause frost wedging


8. Rock Glaciers are: (check ALL that apply)

☐ a special type of glacier covered by rocks

☐ usually just below visible white glaciers, where it’s a little warmer

☐ the ice in rock glaciers is protected from heat by its rock cover

☐ rock glaciers can be found in all mountains

☐ climate change doesn’t affect rock glaciers because they are fully protected by their cover


9. Pingos are:

☐ both a natural land and ice form and a myth of the Eskimo culture

☐ are found in frozen earth (permafrost) environments

☐ can build up water and gas pressure beneath the surface of the Earth

☐ ice mounds that can erupt like volcanos with ice and water

☐ all of the above

☐ none of the above, Pingos are Arabian Horses that can walk on their hind legs


10. Why are glaciers blue on the inside: (choose only one)

☐ because that’s the color of water

☐ because the ice reflects the color of the sky

☐ because compacting ice pushes out oxygen

☐ it’s actually not blue, it’s an optical illusion, they’re actually white straight through the middle


11. Florida doesn’t have glaciers because: (check ALL that apply)

☐ it’s too warm for most of the year

☐ it doesn’t snow or have any perennial ice

☐ it doesn’t have high mountains and it’s far from the Earth’s poles

☐ glaciers never reach the sea and you’re always near a beach in Florida


12. Glaciers in the United States exist in: (check ALL that apply)

☐ Alaska

☐ The Appalachia

☐ The Rocky Mountains

☐ California’s Sierra Nevada


13. During an ICE AGE, sea levels will fall?

☐ True
☐ False


14. As the polar ice caps and mountains glaciers melt, sea level will surely rise?

☐ True

☐ False


15. What are the two types of Climate Change? (check 2)

☐ Natural (caused by natural phenomenon)

☐ Anthropogenic (caused by humans)

☐ Autochthonous (pertaining to the place you are in)


16. Which of these is not a Cryo-Power Superhero:

☐ Frozone

☐ Jack Frost

☐ Ice Cube

☐ Elsa

☐ The Yeti