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Through the Legislative Clinic focus CEDHA develo and  implement public interest advocacy on major regional legislative processes, national and local, in order to strengthen and ensure the recognition of human rights and environmental protection in the various standards that were developed and created .

Based on the issues studied in the various cases addressed by the Legal Clinic, the Department implements its objectives Legislature through the monitoring of the processes of development of policies, initiated at the municipal, provincial, national and regional levels, advocating open channels for participation in various policy fields, as well as contributions to debate and develop around the issues raised related to the environment and human rights.

Access a list of major national and local environmental regulations in force in Argentina.


  • Bill of Land Management Forest – Pcia de Córdoba (May 2009)
  • Public Hearing by the Law of Glaciers (March 2009)
  • National Budget Law for Minimal Environmental Impact Assessments: The debate in the Congress of the Nation (August 2008)
  • CEDHA participates in the regulatory process of the national law on access to public environmental information (September 2008)
  • Organizations Congress expressed concern about the advance of soybeans (July 2008)