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CHRE and CHRE’s activists have been locally and internationally recognized for our advocacy work.

Some of the more salient recognitions include:

  • Sierra Club’s Earth Care Award 2007, which is Sierra Club’s most distinguished international advocacy award given to an organization for outstanding international environmental advocacy. This award was given to CHRE for our work on addressing corporate accountability at an international level, regarding the contamination caused by two mega-pulp mills projected on the Uruguay river in South America; (see more)
  •  The Sophie Prize 2006, given to Romina Picolotti, CHRE/CEDHA’s Founder and Current Board Member. The Sophie Prize is one of the world’s most distinguished international environmental prizes recognizing outstanding contributions to promoting sustainable development. Previous winners include Wangari Mathai. Romina won this award for CHRE’s unique contribution to bridging the Environmental and Human Rights advocacy fields. (see more)
  • Montreal Protocol Award 2007 to Romina Picolotti, CHRE/CEDHA’s Founder and Current Board Member. This  Montreal Protocol Award was given in recognition of Romina’s efforts as Environment Minister of Argentina to lead global negotiations and obtain an agreement to phase out short life climate pollutants affecting the ozone and spurring on climate change.
  • Climate Protection Award by the US Environment Protection Agency 2008 to Romina Picolotti and her colleagues at IGSD to carry forth global negotiations for advancing to protect against climate change. (see more)


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