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Urban Solid Waste Local Managment – Cordoba City, Argentina- Criminal Case

On April 4, 2011 CEDHAs Legal Clinic and neighbors of  the southern city of Cordoba, filed a criminal complaint, in order that the prosecutor investigate if the authorities of the Municipality of Cordoba had commited the  crime of breach of the duties of a public authorities, by the autorization of the installation and operation of a urban solid waste deposit on the edge of the national route 36.
The facts giving rise to this complaint are that the current property does not have the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) required by national laws, provincial and municipal governments, as well as  the environmental license from the provincial
authority for its operation.
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Hazardous and Industrial Waste: DDT Alta Córdoba -Environmental Civil Action.

CEDHAs Legal Clinic takes action in the case, at the request of  affected communities, who we asking to the local goverment  to clean up the property remained contaminated (although the authorities removed the contaminants of the place).
In this frame, the Legal Clinic decided to support the neigbors filing a suit against the National Health Service and Food Quality (SENASA) and asking for the environmental cleaning of the place.
The criminal action was acepted by the local court in Cordoba and in this porcess, CEDHAin representation of the neigbords had recently presented arguments and evidence which show that, throughout the course of the trial, the defendant took no account of remediation plans for the consequences of exposure to obsolete pesticides in the nearby town.