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Jorge Daniel Taillant, CHRE’s Co-founder and recent Director, has been named Executive Director of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC), where he will work to advance environmental protection and cooperation between the US, Canada, and Mexico, addressing some of the most salient regional environmental issues, including marine and wetland protection, recycling and waste management, air quality, crossborder movement of toxic waste and climate change, engaging local communities and promoting indigenous knowledge. As a seasoned global advocate for environmental justice and environmental protection, he brings to the CEC a breadth and depth of experience in sustainable development, environmental justice, and climate policy through community engagement and public participation. 

Amelia Murphy will be joining the CHRE Board as a Director. Amelia has worked with CHRE since March of 2020, researching and promoting awareness of fast mitigation strategies to cut the short-lived climate pollutants through the lens of equity, advancing environmental and climate justice in California and beyond. She is currently the Assistant to the President at the Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development, where she focuses on fast mitigation strategies at the international level.

Romina Picolotti, CHRE’s founder, will replace Mr. Taillant as the President of the Board. 

CHRE is thrilled to continue working with Mr. Taillant in his new role at the helm of the CEC, to advance strategies that promote environmental and climate justice, and synergize the mitigation, adaptation, and resilience agendas.