Jorge Daniel Taillant es fundador de CEDHA y dirige su trabajo en glaciares y minería

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MINLAC, an interdisciplinary initiative aiming to facilitate public access to information about the Latin American and Caribbean mining industry, has greatly expanded its scope since its birth less than a year ago in May 2012. The database of regional mining projects, originally MINLAC’s focus, is now accompanied by sections on the financing of the mining industry, the key norms and guidelines that govern mining companies, regional mining legislation and a guide to conflict resolution. 

All content is available in both English and Spanish. 

MINLAC’s resources are only as valuable as the groups and individuals that make use of them. For this reason, MINLAC is looking for feedback on its content and presentation. To join in on the discussion about mining in the region, to share experiences and suggestions with us, or to inform us if you would like to see more content on a certain topic, contact us! Emails can be sent to [email protected]. 

Also, MINLAC is looking for collaborators and partners; it is currently a partnership between CEDHA and MICLA (the McGill Research Group on Canadian Mining in Latin America). 

Interested in helping to expand MINLAC? Send inquiries to [email protected].