Jorge Daniel Taillant es fundador de CEDHA y dirige su trabajo en glaciares y minería

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Webinar on Mining Impacts to Glaciers (Spanish Only) 
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On April 26, 2019, an online webinar took place focused on mining impacts to glaciers.  
Mountain glaciers throughout the American continent perform a key rol for the proper functioning of water basins. These glaciers provide water to many communities throughout the hemisphere, and for this reason, these resources are strategic, not only for ecological balance, but also for our climate, and for the health of communities that depend on the resources. However, glaciers are at risk by mining taking place in high mountain areas. 
In this seminar we talk about mining activities, its impacts, precedent and alternatives to protect these valuable ecosystems.


  • J. Daniel Taillant: Founder and Director of the Center for Human Rights and Environment (CHRE). Daniel was one of the key civil society leaders in Argentina that helped get the world’s first glacier law passed in 2010. His extensive “cryoactivism” (the protection of icy resources), revealed satellite images of thousands of glaciers impacted by mining activity in the Central Andes. He has published numerous reports on mining impacts to glaciers. Sara Larraín: Sara is ex-Presidential candidate in Chile. She directs Chile Sustentable (Sustainable Chile), which works on public policy. Sara is co-author of one of the first ever studies on glaciers in Chile, focused on the importance of glacier contribution to ecosystems and freshwater reserves. Chile Sustentable drafted the first Glacier Protection bill in 2006. The bill was presented to Congress, but blocked by the mining lobby. She also helped Argentine NGOs and civil society leaders to promote Argentina’s glacier protection law. She is now working to promote a new Glacier Protection bill in Chile and hopes to contribute to glacier protection through the Latin American region promoting water security in the context of climate change. 

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