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November 19, 2021

CHRE spoke today at a public hearing of the California Air Resources Board calling on the highest air quality of the State to put strict emissions standards on all harbor craft. The key messages by CHRE to CARB are listed below.

To listen to the presentation go to:; hour/minute 06:26:20

  • We commend Governor Newsom’s call to CA agencies to propose further reductions of GHG emissions, and ensure that we reduce emissions faster.
  • The IPCC tells us in their last report (AR6) issued just 2 over months ago, that reducing short lived climate pollutants like black carbon and methane quickly and aggressively is the only pathway to keep global warming to 1.5C. 
  • It was great to see California Climate Leadership, including Chair Randolph in  Glasgow, offering the CA experience to the world … and the world is watching!
  • Urgency is the KEY message from Glasgow as Jared Blumenfeld said moments ago. 
  • This is why it is SO important that the Commercial Harbor Craft Regulation aim for 100% zero-emissions by 2035
  • Requiring only 14% of harbor crafts to meet this target and only achieving an 8% reduction of GHGs simply falls far too short. 
  • The shipping industry must do its part in lowering GHG emissions and CARB should guide the way. 
  • We know that AB617 that communities near port areas are the most affected by poor air quality, suffering severe respiratory and other health problems. 
  • Living near a dirty port can shorten your life expectancy by nearly a decade. 
  • We’ve heard the health benefits of the proposed Harbor Craft Regulations, including reductions in emergency room visits, billions saved in health costs, and hundreds of avoided premature deaths and cancer. 
  • A zero emission Harbor Craft Regulation by 2035 will do even better, multifold, where it is needed MOST. 
  • It will also will help promote environmental justice and climate equity
  • This is the moment for CARB to help clean the air for portside communities. 
  • A strong zero-emission harbor craft regulation is simply the right way to go!

    for written submission made in support of Pacific Environment’s letter to CARB see:

photo source: Random Length News