Jorge Daniel Taillant es fundador de CEDHA y dirige su trabajo en glaciares y minería

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November 15, 2021 – Glasgow Scotland (COP26)

During the two week Climate Summit (COP26), the Center for Human Rights and Environment, in collaboration with several partners, hosted and/or moderated several events at the Methane Pavilion, focused on climate justice, the Global Methane Pledge (signed at COP26 by 108 countries) and on the sub national government in promoting fast action climate mitigation and environmental justice. These events were held at the Methane Pavilion and live streamed via Youtube. You can watch these events at the links below.

Link to the Methane Moment Website (listing all events)

The Global Methane Pledge

Hosted or Moderated by CHRE
Subnational Governments and the Global Methane Pledge (in collaboration with the Under 2 Coalition)
– Moderator, Jorge Daniel Taillant (CHRE/IGSD)
– California Secretary of Agriculture, Karen Ross
– British Columbia, Deputy Minister for Climate Change, Jeremy Hewitt

Conversation with Tero Mustonen (Snowchange) and Jorge Daniel Taillant (CHRE/IGSD)
The Impacts of Methane Emissions and Climate Change for Indigenous Communities in the Arctic Region

The Methane Pledge and Environmental Justice: Challenges in Addressing Climate Equity through GHG Reduction Strategies
– Moderated by Jorge Daniel Taillant (CHRE/IGSD)
– Gustavo Alanis, Centro Mexicano de Derechos Ambiental
– John Beard, President Port Arthur Community Action Network
– Jackson Rukara, Oxfam Uganda

Scaling Up Climate Action on Methane Emissions in Agriculture – A California Perspective
– Moderated by Jorge Daniel Taillant (CHRE/IGSD)
– California Secretary of Agriculture, Karen Ross
– Chair of California Air Resources Board, Liane Randolph

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