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The Policy Advisory Network for Latin America for the Promotion of Clean Brick Production (PAN LAC), coordinated by CHRE visited the locality of San Matias, Cholula-Puebla, Mexico to learn of the local state of artesanal brick production.  

CHRE was accompanied on the visit to Puebla Air Quality Department staff of the State of Jalisco who are advancing towards the establishment of industrial parks for artesanal brick production. Jalisco’s industrial park for bricks is a unique model in development stemming from engagement with the PAN LAC and with UNEP’s Climate and Clean Air Coalition, of the INNEC (National Ecology and Climate Change Institute) and was made possible with recent financial support and political commitment given by the Jalisco Governor. The park will serve as a model for other Mexican localities across the country, and the Latin American region more generally, as they will promote cleaner, more economically efficient and human rights (and labor) compliant practices.  

PAN LAC visited several kiln sites in the town of San Matias, located in the outskirts of Cholula, Puebla Mexico during the visit. Also on the agenda for the visit was a brief stop at Altecsus, a local company developing a model mobile kiln in the design, to be used at the Jalisco industrial park.

The PAN LAC team also participad in a meeting in Mexico City with the regional bank, Corporación Andina de Fomento (CAF), which is in discussions with the State of Jalisco to collaborate in the promotion of cleaner brick kilns.  

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photos from the tour:

  1. Brick Extruder (Altecsus technology)
  2. Raw bricks stacked in a local kiln ready for burning
  3. Air blower adapted to kiln achieves more efficient burning reducing emissions some 40-60%
  4. Typical local kiln in the Puebla area