Jorge Daniel Taillant es fundador de CEDHA y dirige su trabajo en glaciares y minería

Publications by Jorge Daniel Taillant

Cryoactivism/Glacier Related

  • Forthcoming: Jorge Daniel Taillant (2019), Glaciers in the Anthropocene: Why Glacier Melt Matters, Oxford University Press.


Presentations and Related Glacier Protection Advocacy

  • Jorge Daniel Taillant (2012), Glaciers of the Cryosphere, CHRE.

Prepared for Middle School Level  – 7th Graders-

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Other Publications

  • Jorge Daniel Taillant (2007), Human Rights, Development and Climate Change Negotiations: Why A Structural Shift in Negotiations toward Adaptation Makes Sense, CEDHA.
  • Jorge Daniel Taillant (2004), Human Rights and Environment: Riding the Wave of Change and Opportunity in the Americas, CHRE.

  • Jorge Daniel Taillant (2002), Guidelines for Civil Society Advocacy on Human Rights and Corporate Behavior, CEDHA.

  • Jorge Daniel Taillant (2001), Environmental Advocacy and the Inter-American Human Rights System, CEDHA.

  • Jorge Daniel Taillant & Jonathan Bonnitcha (2009), “International Investment Law and Human Rights”, in Sustainable Development in World Investment Law, Kluwer International.
  • Romina Picolotti & J.D. Taillant (Eds), “Linking Human Rights and Environment”, Arizona Press, 2003.
  • Jorge Daniel Taillant, “The Human Rights Dimension of Corporate Social Responsibility in Latin America”, New Academy Review, 2003.

  • Jorge Daniel Taillant, “A Nascent Agenda for the Americas”, in Human Rights Dialogue, Environmental Rights, Spring 2004, Series 2, 11.
  • Jorge Daniel Taillant, A Rights Based Approach to Development, presentation to theWorld Social Forum Seminar on Globalization and Human Dignity, March 2, 2002, Porto Alegre.

  • Jorge Daniel Taillant & Romina Picolotti, In the Wake of Discussions on Reforming the Inter-American Human Rights System: Behind the Scenes at the OAS, In El Futuro del Sistema Inter-Americano de Proteccion de Derechos Humanos, Instituto Interamericano de Derechos Humanos(Eds. Juan Mendez y Francisco Cox), 1998.
  • Comments to The Report of the Special Representative of the Secretary General on the Issue of Human Rights and Transnational Corporations and other Business Enterprises, John Ruggie. Human Rights, Environment and the WTO.

  • Comments to Proposed IFC Performance Standards Review (2010-2011): General Comments, Climate Change, Human & Rights